Smoke streams southeast from Virginia’s Great Dismal Swamp Wednesday. ( NASA )

In the image above, captured by NASA’s Terra satellite on Wednesday, prevailing winds from the northwest fanned the smoke out over the North Carolina Outer Banks. This weekend, with a wind from the south, some of the smoke heads in our direction.

NASA cautions: “Perhaps the greatest threat posed by the Lateral West Fire is the dense smoke is it producing. Smoke can damage human health. It irritates the eyes and respiratory system and causes low visibility.”

Indeed the air quality forecast for Saturday in D.C. is code orange for particle pollution - indicating the air is likely to be unhealthy for sensitive groups.

And we may have bouts of smoky air for quite a while. Reports NASA: “Because of the difficulty in fighting this type of fire, it will likely burn until at least six inches of rain falls in a short period of time, said fire managers.”

Helpful link: Health information about smoke in the air.