Lightning strikes tree in Naples, Fl. ( YouTube screen capture )

While videotaping the gusty storm, a surge of lightning violently struck a nearby tree. The tree blew up and flames burst into the air.

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Krill called what she saw a “fireball” but it appears it was just a dramatic lightning strike. (A fireball typically refers to a meteor from outer space larger and brighter than normal.)

“It was about 100 feet from my yard,” Krill told ABC News. “My next door neighbor has up-lighting on the trees next door in her yard. It completely decapitated the lighting unit itself. It exploded. The tree wasn’t charred or burned. It just shaved it clean.”

The video is below.

WARNING: An expletive is audible shortly after the lightning strike approximately 41 seconds into the video.

Video posted to YouTube by Rita Krill

ABC News says no one was hurt by the bolt.