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day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

Sun and a breeze, as humidity wanes while heat takes its last gasp (for a while... at least). Really an 8?
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Today: Lots of sun, and a breeze. Upper 80s to lower 90s. | Tonight: Partly cloudy. Near 60 to upper 60s. | Tomorrow: Partly to mostly sunny. Low-to-mid 80s. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


After 44 days of 90 degree or greater heat, 24 of which (including yesterday) were 95-degrees plus, I think we can take one more before what could be an extended break from such temperatures. Plus, we’re into the time of year where we soon have to battle cooling normals and getting back up to those super-hot values is more difficult. I dare say some mutterings of fall to come might be heard, even if premature yet. Still, I won’t stop you and may join in myself!

Today (Wednesday): While we probably make a run into the low 90s in the city, this is about as nice a “near 90” day as we get in August. But, it gets better... Humidity is on its way down thanks to a west or northwest breeze sending in drier air behind the cold front that passed late yesterday. A few clouds may bubble here and there in the late day sun. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Open up the windows – even in D.C.! Breezes of the day diminish, but skies remain mostly clear and low humidity lets temperatures “plummet.” Ahh, I’ve wanted to use that word for a while... Lows should fall to near 60 in the cooler suburbs while reaching the mid-or-upper 60s downtown. Confidence: High

Keep reading for the forecast through the weekend...

Tomorrow (Thursday): Cooler air settles. Yeah, cool in August is not truly cool, but we’ll take it. Mostly sunny skies and light winds from the northwest mix perfectly to create one of the nicer days we’ve seen since early July (there were a few hidden in there). Expect highs to reach the mid-80s most spots, but maybe only the low 80s well north and west of the city. Confidence: High

Tomorrow night: It’s partly cloudy and pleasant. Another fine evening to partake in outdoor activities and another night to leave the windows open. Lows may dip into the upper 50s in the coolest of spots, to the mid-or-upper 60s downtown. Confidence: Medium-High


Didn’t get enough on Thursday? Let’s do it again on Friday. Temperatures may creep up a hair, and humidity could too. But, both should remain below levels we would deem difficult to deal with. Highs should reach the mid-80s just about everywhere under partly to mostly sunny skies. Confidence: Medium-High

An upper-level low pressure heads toward us from the west on Saturday and sets some change in motion, first by pumping up moisture levels a bit more and also temperatures as well. Highs in the mid-and-upper 80s may get finished off by some late-day rain and storms (40% chance). Confidence: Medium

On Sunday, low pressure aloft may ultimately spark a surface storm very nearby or to the northeast. If nothing else, it appears fairly cloudy from here, and unstable with a risk of rain. Also, cooler with highs back down into mid-80s, maybe lower if more consistently rainy. Confidence: Low-Medium