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day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

A bit chilly to start, but we salvage a pretty darn average March day!
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Today: Partly cloudy, but increasing p.m. clouds. 60-65. | Tonight: Mostly cloudy, showers possible. Upper 40s to mid-50s. | Tomorrow: Showers, especially a.m. Clearing? 58-63. | Sunday: Partly to mostly sunny. Upper 60s to low 70s. | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


We start off a bit chilly today but slowly the warm weather eases back in to our region by late in the weekend and into next week. We need some rain, but we may not see too much with showers tonight through tomorrow — hopefully a downpour can soak us by next Tuesday? It remains to be seen. For now though, bundle up just a bit until Sunday, when we really start clearing out and could hit 70 again!

Today (Friday): After we melt off a few areas of frost for the typical cold locales, we warm quickly under morning sunshine. There will be a few more clouds through the midday and afternoon hours, light winds also slowly shift from the cool northeasterly direction to a southerly one. With the increasing clouds, combining with ineffective (so far), southerly breezes, we may only see temperatures in the 60-65 degree range. More clouds could mean slightly cooler temperatures, though. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tonight: Those increasing afternoon clouds may ultimately yield a few light showers, with chances ranging from 40% chance after dinner time to perhaps 50% after midnight. If planning to do a lot of walking around outdoors for your later-night plans, you may want to stash a small umbrella in your bag or windbreaker. It could be a bit breezy in the evening as well. Low temperatures end up in the upper 40s to mid-50s, variance depending on your location and whether or not we have any breaks in the clouds or precipitation. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Saturday): It may be fairly gray, with slightly decreasing clouds by afternoon. Morning showers are a possibility (50% chance), with an afternoon more likely featuring sprinkles (if anything) rather than showers (40% chance). Highs topping out in the upper 50s to around 60 seems probable under the cloudy, showery scenario above. But low-to-mid 60s are easily in reach, if sunshine can rally for us in the afternoon hours. I’m just not sure light northeasterly winds will let up — in a way they reinforce a weak marine layer off of the bay and Atlantic. Still, try an afternoon walk down to the Blossom Kite Festival! Confidence: Low-Medium

Tomorrow night: Skies could remain somewhat cloudy around dinnertime, but they slowwwly clear as the night goes on. The better news is that precipitation appears unlikely to ruin any Saturday night plans! A north/northeasterly breeze could help push down temperatures toward the low-to-mid 40s before sunrise. Should winds diminish earlier in the evening, we could hold in the upper 40s downtown. Confidence: Low-Medium

Sunday: We should see more sunshine than our recent streak, but don’t count on fully blue skies, as it appears now. Unless we have an April Fools joke played on us by mother nature, we should end up around the 70 degree mark! I have to admit there is a small potential for warmer low-to-mid 70s temperatures, should the sun break out in the afternoon in full force—but I am not optimistic yet. Get outside and watch the season green the world around us! Confidence: Medium


Sunday night: Looks to be partially cloudy but with overall fair weather to be had. Overnight lows should fall slowly toward the low-to-mid 50s by dawn. Confidence: Medium

Monday provides a return of real warmth, it looks like. How about slightly muggy mid-and-upper 70s? With a lot of sun, and it appears we will be in a sunny, warmer air regime. I don’t know if this is too much too soon, but still some decent weather for a lunch break, right? Confidence: Medium

Tuesday looks somewhat sunny, but clouds may bubble in the afternoon as our warm air mass shows its unstable side, perhaps. Showers and thunderstorms may pop (30% chance) by the time we hit rush hour. We’ll keep an eye on it — we could use some rain, as long as storms aren’t too strong — since this is still a few days away. Highs should still manage to get into the mid-to-upper 70s. Confidence: Medium