Today’s Daily Digit
A somewhat subjective rating of the
day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

Friday’s digit: 5/10 - Luckily this breezy, chilly day in the 40s is a Friday & a sunny one. +1 for sun & +1 for Friday. Fair?
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Today: Sunny & breezy. Mid-to-upper 40s. | Tonight: Clear, decreasing breezes. Mid-20s to near freezing. | Tomorrow: Generally sunny, slight breeze. Low-to-mid 50s. | Sunday: Mostly cloudy. Near 60 to low 60s. | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


Despite ending the work week — and starting the weekend — on a cool note, we have a couple days of sunshine we should enjoy before a cloudier regime sets in by Sunday. With dryer and fairly crisp air around, we have to contend with swings in temperature for a couple days, so dress in layers, and extra warmly today. Find that winter coat and maybe even that scarf, if you haven’t located them already this season! At least as clouds move in for the end of our weekend and workweek, they have mild temperatures in the 50s and 60s accompanying them.

Today (Friday): Bask in the sunshine today but grab a few layers to keep yourself warm. Generally speaking, the expected high temps in the mid-to-upper 40s will feel chilly after that stretch of milder air recently, and average highs right now are in the upper-50s for the metro area, so it is indeed cold. Light westerly breezes may require a heavier coat to withstand -- fair warning. Confidence: High

Tonight: Starry skies for most of us (outside of luminous downtown) mean crisp low temperatures this time of year -- with 32 degrees even possible in the city! DCA has a solid chance at again attempting the freezing mark (weird how it happens, or tries, right on schedule). Outside of downtown’s heat island, lows could get as cold as mid-20s in outer suburbs. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): This might be our last amazing-weather day for a while, so please get outside and enjoy, despite cool high temperatures in the low-and-mid 50s. Sunny skies and a light south breeze, ahhh… Embrace it before our clouds move in over the next few days! Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: A fair amount of clouds entering the picture after dinnertime may increase and stay with us for most of the night. It may stay as high as mid-40s, downtown, but most folks outside the Beltway still could drop into the mid-to-upper 30s. Winds are light from the south. Confidence: Low-Medium

Sunday: We may have a few breaks in the clouds but I worry it may only be a very few. As a storm in the Great Lakes heading for Canada pinwheels a piece of energy down toward our region, we may see a shower or two (10-20% chance). Luckily, the core of the storm does stay north of us, translating into a mild wind out of the south & southwest. Temperatures should hit 60 in most spots, perhaps trying for the low 60s with a few peeks of sunshine! Confidence: Low-Medium


Sunday night: It’s probably cloudy to mostly cloudy overnight with a continued chance (20-30%) of showers. Low temperatures may barely dip into the 40s in the colder spots outside the Beltway, while downtown may only make the lower 50s. Those clouds keep us insulated and mild! Confidence: Medium

Monday really could stay cloudy, unfortunately. But the overcast skies have only the slightest (20-30%) chance of producing a shower since higher pressure fights (partially successfully) to enter our region from the west. But it will be a dog fight, and we’ll need to keep an eye on it, in case moisture streams in from the ocean more than currently expected. High temperatures are about normal, in the mid-to-upper 50s, and overnight lows reach the 40s. Confidence: Low

Tuesday continues our cloudy workweek theme, with mostly to fully-overcast skies probable. Periods of rain may move through at times, but when looking this far out, I only want to assign a 50% chance of us getting wet. Things could change, but showers appear possible and I just want to give you an idea that I have more confidence in cloudy skies than how much rain we might get. Highs in the 50s seem likely but would vary depending on the scenario of whether we receive more rain (low 50s) or no rain (upper 50s). Confidence: Low