Dense fog advisory west and northwest portions of area until 9 a.m.

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Clouds are at home here, so why would they leave? At least rain odds are down from Friday.
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Today: Mostly cloudy, showers possible. Mid-70s to near 80. | Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Shower? Low-to-upper 60s. | Tomorrow: Partly to mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. Near 80. | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


The heaviest of yesterday’s rain managed to miss parts of the area, but it was not far off. At this point, any rain falling within a few hundred miles might be too close for some! Happily, we might begin to see less rain in the forecast, though it refuses to leave entirely. With a big low pressure still spinning to the west, the coming period continues to be rather constant in its clouds, moderate humidity and chances of intermittent rain.

Today (Saturday): Overall, not a lot in the flow has changed. We’ve still got a big low to the west and a big high to the east. In between, moisture is getting shoved north. After some potential thick morning fog, today it looks like most of the activity should be to our east. Odds are not particularly high for rain, 30-40% or so (west to east). But, expect lots of clouds and prepare to dodge some rain just in case. Highs should range from the mid-70s to near 80. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: Mostly cloudy with isolated to scattered showers. As with recent nights, we’ll want to watch for some areas of dense fog around pre-dawn into early morning. Lows reach the low 60s in the suburbs to perhaps the upper 60s downtown. Confidence: Medium

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The first sunset of autumn 2011. As seen from the Taft Bridge (Ct. Ave NW) in Washington, D.C. Photo by author. See larger.

Tomorrow night: It’s mostly cloudy, again. A few showers may dot the landscape in hit-or-miss fashion with odds of rain still running about 40%. Lows settle into the mid-60s to near 70. Confidence: Medium


More mostly cloudy skies greet our Monday. We’ll also need to watch for those pesky showers. Highs try to reach 80 everywhere but clouds could be a problem as we know. Still, near 80 or into the low 80s seems possible for sure. Confidence: Medium

Tuesday brings more of the same, with partly to mostly cloudy skies and a risk of showers. It would appear that the cutoff low pressure to the west will finally trend into becoming part of the flow from west to east. If so, we might actually eventually get a break. Afternoon temperatures should shoot for the mid-70s to near 80. Confidence: Medium