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Definitely a few steps up from yesterday, but highs struggling to reach 50 is still a bit cold for my liking.
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Today: Mostly sunny, cold. Upper 40s to near 50. | Tonight: Mostly to partly clear and cold. Upper 20s to mid-30s. | Tomorrow: Partly sunny. Low-to-mid 50s. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


A much better day to end our weekend, that’s for sure. The novelty of early-season snow leaves behind another day on the cold side, but one that’s definitely brighter. In fact, we have a good deal of sun in the forecast through midweek thanks to a couple areas of high pressure. Between them, though, we’ll have to keep our eye on another coastal storm that threatens at least a glancing blow Halloween night. Would any precipitation wait until after trick-or-treat time?...

Today (Sunday): After a cold start, plenty of sun still struggles to warm us up as highs likely only manage the upper 40s to near 50. Breezes from the northwest add an extra early-morning chill but diminish throughout the day. Even with our cool conditions, any of yesterday’s snow that managed to stick shouldn’t make it through the day except where accumulations were more significant well north and west of D.C. Confidence: High

Tonight: We’re heading for another cold one tonight with high pressure parked overhead. Mostly to partly clear skies let enough heat escape for lows to drop to the mid-30s in town, upper 20s to low 30s in the suburbs. Confidence: High

Keep reading for the forecast through midweek...

Tomorrow (Halloween): Not much to be spooked by tomorrow, at least during the day, as partly sunny skies help boost highs a bit higher - to the low-to-mid 50s. But, as the day goes on, high pressure will retreat to the northeast as another storm develops off the Southeast coast and heads north. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: As of now the early evening looks to stay precipitation-free for trick-or-treaters. As we head later into the evening and overnight, though, we do run a risk of rain showers from low pressure riding up the coast, depending on how close it hugs the coast. At this point, we shouldn’t totally rule out a brief period of mixed precipitation, though any accumulation is even less likely than it was yesterday. Lows in the mid-30s to low 40s. Confidence: Low-Medium


By Tuesday morning, any overnight precipitation should be done or on its way out. As the storm moves away from us, sun increases and temperatures recover to highs in the low-to-mid 50s. Tuesday night, we’re faced with another chilly one - these cold overnights are getting a bit too common for my liking. Under mostly clear skies, lows dip into the 30s. Confidence: Medium-High

On Wednesday, temperatures head back to near average or even a bit above. With high pressure once again in control, we’re looking at a fine day with sunny skies and highs near 60. Confidence: Medium-High