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A somewhat subjective rating of the
day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

Happy blustery Veterans Day! I can’t rate 50s an ‘11’ for 11/11/11, but sun helps us enjoy it for sure!
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Today: Sunny and windy. Near 50 to mid-50s. | Tonight: Clear, decreasing breezes. Around 30 to mid -30s. | Tomorrow: Generally sunny, slight breeze. Near 60 to low 60s. | Sunday: Mostly sunny and spectacular. Mid-60s. | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


Our recent mild weather has been taken down a notch, but only briefly. Sunshine that’s plentiful today should last through most of the weekend — luckily mitigating some of the bite to any coolness. All in all not a bad Veterans Day, if you are lucky enough to have it off. For us in the private sector who don’t have off until the “real” weekend, well — it is worth the wait as those sunny skies and warmer temperatures look very enticing! Even as clouds move in by Sunday night, heavily blanketing us through Tuesday, temperatures should stay warm. Perhaps 70 at some point?

Today (Veterans Day): Contrasting yesterday’s cloud cover associated with our slow-moving cold front, we’ll see plenty of bright sunny skies to accompany our newly-chilled air mass. With cold air aloft still around, particularly, early, we may see a few clouds as well, but on the whole it’s much sunnier than not. Wind-chilled temperatures climb out of the chilly morning 30s and 40s, hopefully hitting the low-to-mid 50s by late afternoon. Please find a couple layers to wear, and potentially remove throughout the day, because of blustery west winds in the 15 to 20 mph range plus gusts up to around 35 mph possible at times. Confidence: High

Tonight: : Conditions slowly calm as our evening wears on, but note temperatures could quickly drop near and below freezing outside the Beltway. Temperatures at or near 30 in the colder suburbs appear likely, with mid-30s probable downtown — the lowest temperatures can be expected just before sunrise. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): It’s perhaps a clean-up day after today’s wind, though a breeze remains. Only a few cirrus clouds may filter our otherwise bright sunshine. Highs around 60, perhaps even lower 60s, seem within reach! How do you like these relatively average November conditions? They seem mighty fine to me. Breezes out of the southwest may cool our skin just a bit, but at least the 5-10 mph intermittent breeze is originating out of a warmer direction! Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: : We’re looking clear skies and it’s almost pleasant, especially given that breezes should quickly die down after sunset. Low temperatures could drop into the lower 30s in normally cooler exurban spots with upper 30s likely downtown. Yes a few spots of frost could still be possible in calmer, clear, low-lying municipalities. Confidence: Medium

Sunday: This one lives up to its name and looks, already (but could change) like a ‘10’ in my book! It may have magnificent, unfettered sunshine and high temperatures in the mid-60s give or take. Wow! The only possible wrinkle is a potential light breeze, but at least it will be out of a warm southerly direction. Confidence: Medium


Sunday night: Clouds may quickly move in after the sun sets and as we get toward dinner time. These clouds, acting as an atmospheric blanket over us, should prohibit temperatures from decreasing quickly or too much. By just before sunrise we should be in the relatively mild range of the mid-to-upper 40s. Confidence: Medium

Monday may feature substantial cloud cover but only a slight (20-30%) chance of showers, as it appears right now. That being said, we are getting to a point where we could stand to have some legitimate rain. I saved the best for last though, as high temperatures still climb into the very enjoyable range of mid-60s to around 70 degrees — points south of town are the most likely to hit or exceed 70. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tuesday could again keep us largely cloudy but, hey, still warm! Highs ranging from the mid-60s to near 70 should help offset our 10-20% chance of showers. We’ll watch radar with you, so that maybe we can all at least get outside for a pleasant lunch break! Confidence: Low-Medium