Forecast update (10:30 a.m.): Some of the latest forecast models stall Saturday’s shower-producing disturbance into Sunday and even early next week. That means the likelihood of more clouds Sunday, and shower chances (30% at this point). The sunny days forecast for early next week may be in jeopardy too. We’ll have a revised weekend forecast in this afternoon’s update around 4 p.m. Stay tuned....

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Um, we haven’t had a decent Friday like this for a while. 70s and some sun! High rating deserved, right!?
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Today: Filtered sunshine, perhaps one shower. 74-79. | Tonight: Very cloudy, shower possible. 44-52. | Tomorrow: Significant clouds, showers, breezy. 57-63. | Sunday: Mix of clouds and sun. Upper 50s to low 60s. | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


Enjoy today’s prevalent sunshine and warm temperatures before weekend clouds—and even showers—return to make it feel fully like fall. Next week really could produce some gems though! Just hold out. And go looking for or start unpacking those autumn jackets so that you can dress in layers Saturday and Sunday until we get some sun and warmth back for our workweek!

Today (Friday): Scattered clouds won’t make you suspect a cold front has passed through. We have only about a 10% chance of a shower, but other than that some decent (albeit filtered) sunshine should be on tap. Most of us should see mid-to-upper 70s! Light to moderate breezes out of the west should downslope off of the mountains, compressing into warmer air as is sinks. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: It could cloud over significantly and offer a 10-20% chance of a shower by morning. Lows could vary fairly widely from the mid-40s to lower 50s. Breezes out of the northwest really begin to filter in that cooler air and you’ll feel it! Confidence: Medium-High

Keep reading for the forecast through the beginning of next week...

Tomorrow (Saturday): Unfortunately we have a decent (40-50%) chance of a shower, with a good amount of clouds. Breezes turn into cool 10-20 mph winds, perhaps gusting higher, which should make mid-to-upper 50s or maybe lower 60s feel very chilly. Dress is layers, that is my best recommendation! Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Break out the jacket, maybe light coat—seriously. While winds will calm and skies clear a bit, it could still, uh, feel like late Fall. Lows drop into the 40s (low to high), region-wide. Confidence: Medium

Sunday: The breezes are a bit easier on you but temperatures in the upper-50s to lower 60s feel pretty much the same as yesterday. Clouds may battle the sun, but chances of showers are MUCH lower—perhaps almost zero. Confidence: Medium


Sunday night: Lookin’ chilly with temperatures in the low-to-upper 40s. A few 40 degree readings—perhaps even a couple readings in the 30s—could show up in far western suburbs near the Blue Ridge. I foresee a few clouds around overnight, which should prevent temperatures from dipping too far. Confidence: Medium

Monday should be pretty darn splendid, with sun, but a bit cool in the mid-to-upper 60s. Then again, if we don’t have many clouds, the bright sun’s warmth may negate the temperatures in the 60s. So just stay out of the shade, haha. Confidence: Medium

I’m starting to get really excited about Tuesday and beyond. The CWG Nice Day stamp might have to be dusted off! Essentially perfect humidity levels along with temperatures likely in the 70-75 degree range. Enjoy those sunny conditions and blue skies! We should all go outside for lunchtime.  Confidence: Low-Medium