Unsettled heading into workweek

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Not Friday’s warmth, but sunnier and plenty springlike. Plan on a breeze and coolish Super Moon evening.
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Today: Mostly sunny, breezy. Near 60 to low 60s. | Tonight: Mostly clear. Low 30s to near 40. | Tomorrow: Increasing clouds. Mid-50s. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


As far as March weekends go, there won’t be too much to complain about the next two days. Sure, it’s cooler than it was yesterday, when a record high of 81 was set at Baltimore-Washington while much of the area neared similar numbers. But it’s kind of early for that anyway and we also got robbed a little on the sunshine. Today, and hopefully tomorrow, feature lots of rays to be soaked up. Even with a sometimes pesky breeze it’ll be worth taking in -- especially since lots of clouds seem to be on tap Monday and beyond.

Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map powered by iMapWeather (base map by Google). Click and hold on map to pan. Double-click to zoom. Refresh page to update. See larger map on our Weather Wall.

Today (Saturday): There could be a few clouds around in the morning, but this looks like quite the sunny day. Still, clouds have lately come out of nowhere, so a period or two of mainly high cloudiness can’t be ruled out. Temperatures near 60 and into the low 60s feel good, though a breeze from the northwest may be stiff at times -- up to about 15 mph sustained with gusts perhaps to 30 mph. If you’re headed out early to the United game, be wary of quick temperature drops this evening (see UnitedCast below). Confidence: High

Tonight: It’s a stellar evening for star -- err, Super Moon -- gazing. This freshly cooled air mass is also kind of dry, so as the sun and breezes drop, so will temperatures. Evening readings quickly falling through the 50s, then the 40s, ultimately bottom out near freezing in the colder spots well west and north of D.C. to near 40 in urban locations. Oh yeah, it’s mostly clear throughout. Confidence: High

It’s going to rain after the weekend? Maybe, but it warms up a little too (at least for a bit)...

Tomorrow (Sunday): We’re temporarily deeper into cooler and marine-influenced air, but a warm front is also on the way. That means we’re less likely to get out of the 50s, and clouds are probably on the increase as the day wears on. I’m hopeful there’s a good bit of sunshine first though, and mid-50s with a light wind from the east is not too shabby. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: The warm front passes through the area and there could very well be some showers associated with it. A slight risk of such by midnight becomes a decent (60%) shot headed toward sunrise. Lows are near 40 to the mid-40s if clouds thicken up quick enough early in the night. Confidence: Medium


By Monday we set up shop in a murkier pattern. Initially we’re on the mild side of what becomes a near-stationary front. That means we run the risk (40%) of a few showers, but probably nothing widespread for most of the day. Temperatures again near or top 60 on a south wind. Confidence: Medium

Tuesday likely features much of the same, at least in the way of more clouds than sun. We’ve got another warmer day here though with highs wanting to get at least to the mid-60s. With the front nearby to the north, showers (even a storm?) could pop up here and there. Timing raindrops in this range is tough, and the day could be mainly dry. Confidence: Medium

We’re probably stuck in a similar pattern through midweek, but on the cooler side of the front. Though there has been some talk of snowflakes possible, the best odds seem to be well north. Even if local snow lovers were to luck out, temperatures -- while cool -- should not be cold enough for anything on the ground. Confidence:Medium