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day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

Below avg temps & there’s a bit of a breeze, but it’s hard to rank this one too low with all the sunshine.
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Today: Mostly sunny, breezy. 47-52. | Tonight: Mostly clear. Near 30 to mid-30s. | Mostly sunny. Low-to-mid 60s. | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


Well, CWG unofficially canceled winter yesterday with the shelving of SPI, so it’s time to fully root on warmth, right? After we get through today, that sounds like a winning plan in the upcoming period. Even today, with temperatures running a little cooler than normal, it should not feel too chilled. By tomorrow, the warm-up begins in earnest. And, going into next week the pollen count is sure to stay quite high.

Today (Saturday): Good start to the weekend! Sunshine should win out, but there may be high cloudiness here and there during the day. We’re getting deeper into the time of year where sun brings mild temperatures, so even with a cooler air mass, we should push into the upper 40s and low 50s without much problem. Breezes remain, but probably lighter than recent days. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: High pressure to the south and southeast starts to exert more influence, and that keeps us pretty clear, but also ends the cooling of recent. Lows are a little warmer than last night, ranging from near 30 to the mid-30s. Confidence: Medium-High

Keep reading for the forecast through the beginning of next week...

Tomorrow (Sunday): South winds become more entrenched in the area and that helps bring warm air north quite efficiently. We’ll definitely notice a difference from today as highs reach the low-to-mid 60s under plentiful sunshine. I have a feeling lots of people will be out and about! Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: A few additional clouds may show up, but not too many in all likelihood. With increasing low level moisture, we’re not going to get the thermometer readings to drop as much. Plan on lows ranging from near 40 to the mid-40s. Confidence: Medium-High


Much of Monday could remain at least partly sun-filled as our weather is still dominated by high pressure, at least early. A cold front that will wash out nearing the region does want to bring some cloudiness by late perhaps. It’ll be quite mild either way, and with a sunnier solution like I currently expect, highs should be around 70 or into the low 70s. Confidence: Medium

Tuesday should be cloudier than the days leading up to it as the remnants of the frontal boundary hang out around the area. It may get through here at some point in the day, but its impact should be minimal outside maybe a shower or two as the big high pressure to the southeast continues to rule the pattern. Highs look to range from near 70 to the mid-70s. Confidence: Medium