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day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

Less mild but still mild. At least winter-lovers get a wind chill. Travelers should stay dry.
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Today: Partly sunny, breezy. Near 50 to mid-50s. | Tonight: Partly cloudy, breezes diminishing. 30-37. | Tomorrow: Mostly sunny, slight breeze. Mid-to-upper 40s. | Sunday: Increasing clouds. Mid-to-upper 40s. | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


We know some want it to be cooler, so the good news is that — after today’s mild readings — temperatures are headed closer toward our average highs in the mid-40s. Hopefully that helps keep you in the holiday spirit. Think of the bright sides of no snow, especially if you have to travel. Even next week we should have a good deal of sunshine and continued 40s to near 50 for temperatures. Cheers to fair (but breezy) weather!

””Snow Potential Index: 1 (→) - Tempting to put this to zero, but the Christmas storm is still not a 0% risk (if darn close).
The SPI is a daily assessment of the potential for accumulating snow for the next week on a 0-10 scale. Get the ‘SPI’ on Twitter

Today (Friday): It should dry fairly quickly from our overnight and early morning rains, especially with 10-15 mph winds gusting to 25 mph at times. Skies should end up partly clear, helping temperatures to head toward 50, and maybe even the mid-50s in some lucky spots. Too warm? Or does the wind help cool you off? Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Skies are partly cloudy, perhaps mostly cloudy at times. Low temperatures are chilly but not too bad, ranging from near 30 in the very coldest spots to the mid-30s in the warmer ones. A lightening north breeze from 5-10 mph early and 5 mph late is evidence of our high pressure system slowly building in. Confidence: Medium

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Christmas Eve (Saturday): I think this one may just be bright and mostly sunny, also accompanied by seasonable temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s. South of town a couple spots could touch 50 degrees briefly. This is good news if you need to join me at the mall and do some last-minute shopping. For those of you looking to the weather to stay in the holiday spirit, sorry it isn’t wintrier for you. A slight 5-10 mph breeze out of the northwest may shift to the westerly direction as the day progresses. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: While Santa heads toward your house (or past it depending on a multitude of factors), the weather remains relatively fair with partially cloudy skies. It does look to remain dry though. Low temperatures could range from a few upper 20s to the lower 30s downtown. A light southeast breeze may make it feel a bit more wintry late at night. Confidence: Medium

Christmas Day (Sunday): Clouds should increase a bit during the day, but we won’t really think of it too much I guess. With these clouds, the southern areas of the metro area have the best (10-20%) chance at very light precipitation but, all in all, it looks closer to a 5% chance for most of the area. It looks like it would be rain anywhere it falls too. Note that we still approach average high temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s. Confidence: Low-Medium


Sunday night: It could get pretty chilly with a potential constant breeze out of the north that pushes a small reinforcement of colder air into the region. Low temperatures may range from the mid-20s to lower 30s, with just a few clouds around. Confidence: Medium

Monday should continue the OK weather stretch we’re stuck in again, with high temperatures are about average in the mid-40s to near 50. Luckily we should have mostly sunny skies! If it stays fully clear, we could get a few spots, south of town, in the low 50s. Enjoy your day off and get outdoors some. Maybe work off that holiday meal and leftovers? Confidence: Low-Medium

Tuesday may see just a couple clouds but overall the sunshine should win the battle. Temperatures may start off chilly with sunrise temperatures around the 30 degree mark for many of us, but highs may still get near or above average -- or mid-40s to near 50 once again. A decent travel day, if you are still heading back to D.C., it looks like! Confidence: Low-Medium