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A somewhat subjective rating of the
day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

A winning Wednesday: Sunshine and temps climbing near and likely past 60, with no wind to chill us.
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Today: Mostly sunny. Near 60 to mid-60s. | Tonight: Partly cloudy. Near 40 to mid-40s. | Tomorrow: Mostly sunny. Mid-60s. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


November has started on a much less ridiculous note than October ended, and that remains the case through the weekend. Instead of tracking a way-too-early-in-the-season snow threat like last week, this week we’re mostly basking in sunshine and temperatures right around average. Also worth noting, winds are expected to be on the light side through most of the forecast period. That’s a good thing especially in early November, when average highs (low 60s) feel much nicer without a chilling breeze.

Today (Wednesday): It’s a nice one for November, or just about any month of the year. Yeah, morning temps rising into and through the 40s are still chilly. But you’ll be plenty pleased with a stroll outside by lunchtime and into the afternoon, as mostly sunny skies help lift highs to near 60 to the mid-60s, with light winds. Confidence: High

Tonight: Not quite as cold as last night thanks to a gradually warming air mass. Under partly cloudy skies, lows should bottom from near 40 in the suburbs to the mid-40s downtown. Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Thursday): High pressure manages to hold back a storm system tracking east through the Midwest, which means another beauty across the area. Once again, skies are mostly sunny and winds are light. Afternoon highs in the mid-60s should feel great, especially in the sun. Confidence: High

Tomorrow night: Low pressure continues to make eastward progress out of the Midwest. However, indications are it will tend to slide south of the D.C. area. So, only a 20% chance of showers for now, but we’ll keep an eye on the models in case they trend back north with the system. Confidence: Medium


Assuming low pressure to our south heads east out to sea rather than up the coast - which looks to be the most likely scenario at this point - then Friday should be a decent day with highs near 60. Skies could range from mostly cloudy to partly sunny depending on the exact track of the low. And there’s still a chance the low tracks close enough to produce a few showers. Confidence: Low-Medium

Friday night, high pressure building in from the north brings clearing skies and colder air with lows in the 30s (suburbs) to near 40 (downtown). Confidence: Medium-High

No wintry or inclement weather to worry about this weekend! High pressure holds court and delivers mostly sunny skies. Highs should reach the mid-50s Saturday, and near 60 to the mid-60s Sunday. Don’t forget, we roll the clock back an hour Saturday night, when lows dip to the mid-30s to mid-40s (suburbs to city). Confidence:Medium-High