10:00 a.m. update: We’re favoring the low end of our temperature range today, and even that may be optimistic. The marine layer has dug in, so highs are likely hold in the 60s. In these situations, there may be quite range depending on if/where the layer erodes and some sun breaks out. The best chance of sun is to the southwest and so 70 degree temps could be realized there. To the northeast of D.C. - especially towards Baltimore/the Bay, even getting to 60 could be a struggle.

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Warmth tempered by clouds and shower chance. I want less pollen to award higher, even on a Friday!
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Today: Quite cloudy with showers, p.m. storm possible. 68-78. | Tonight: Mostly cloudy, showers possible. Mid-to-upper 50s. | Tomorrow: Clearing, only isolated shower. Low-to-mid 70s. | Sunday: Clouds mix with sun, upper 60s to mid-70s. | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


We’re probably out of the running for 80 degrees today as a weak cold front continues to dance around our area, and that lasts into the weekend. So far it appears to not have serious consequence except reducing the warmth when it moves through. Rain chances today are also welcome news for gardeners and allergy sufferers alike. It should help your plants but also should help wash-out some of the tree pollen in the air. Achooo! Next week we return to our drier and warmer conditions.

Today (Friday): Very cloudy, especially during the mid-morning when we could see some showers (50% or so) as we’re temporarily on the cooler side of an ocean driven cold front. Midday skies could break a bit, but that only allows the sun to percolate the atmosphere, priming it for some possible afternoon thundershowers (50-60% chance). After a cooler morning, we should all at least near 70, but enough sun and a boost from southwesterly breezes could nudge some of us well into the 70s. Not all of you will see rain, but chances are you may want to grab the umbrella. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: It remains pretty cloudy in the evening, and there’s a 40-50% chance a few showers could move through (some with thunder). By late evening toward overnight, it could finally dry out—or at least, I wouldn’t advise you of the need to bring along an umbrella if going out that late. We don’t dip down all too much with overnight lows only hitting the mid-to-upper 50s before sunrise. Confidence: Medium-High

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St. Patrick’s Day (Saturday): It’s a mild marathon especially by March standards, with temperatures in the mid-50s just after sunrise and rising through the 60s by midday. The rest of us see continued tree and grass greening thanks to our early-onset warm weather. Skies should be in the process of clearing in the early morning and shower chances (5-10%) may be isolated until midday hours—but they don’t appear likely unless the weak backdoor (off the ocean) cold front sets something up moving by. Temperatures should be able to reach the low-to-mid 70s, even if winds do switch direction behind any weak cold front. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: It should remain pleasant and only partly cloudy. Light east winds could push a few periods of clouds through every now and then, and maybe even some drizzle for unlucky beach locations. For most of us in and around the Beltway, we should be able to keep shower chances at around 10% as it appears now. Pleasant temperatures bottom before sunrise in the low-to-mid 50s. Confidence: Medium

Sunday: We’re looking cooler but more than tolerable, with fairly pleasant conditions. Some clouds still could move through from time to time, but shower chances appear pretty low as of now. We’ll keep you posted. With greater cloud cover, high temperatures could be as cool as the upper 60s but more likely we have decent sunshine, boosting us toward the mid-70s before sunset. Confidence: Medium


Sunday night: As a few clouds move in around sunset, it could be colorful for part of the evening. With these clouds, we should be able to keep temperatures from falling below the upper-40s outside the Beltway, perhaps low 50s downtown. Confidence: Medium

Monday should show us some partial sunshine to start our workweek. Temperatures most likely stay in the 70s, but a couple spots could hit 80 south of town. There is a chance we nudge these temperatures upward as we finish the weekend, so check back on what to expect! Confidence: Low-Medium

Tuesday looks very sunny, as clouds from Monday finally have a chance to clear outta here! We should continue with our warm regime of air again, with highs easily making it into the mid-70s. Again, 80 isn’t out of the question, but I don’t want to be too bullish on temperatures this far into the future! Confidence: Low-Medium