But... more heat on the horizon

10:45 a.m update: High and mid-level clouds have streamed into the region this morning and probably will persist into the afternoon. So let’s call today partly sunny instead of sunny. Still pretty nice, though.

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We’ve got another splendid one to put in the books today as Canadian high pressure continues to control our skies. Mid-80s and low humidity is to be welcomed around here this time of year and I plan to enjoy it while it lasts, because we all know it can’t. The sunshine we’ll see can’t be held in check forever and our highs creep slowly upward through the weekend. Get ready, as we begin the week anew, some of the hottest, muggiest air of the season tries to head our way.


Today (Friday): It’ll be close by definition, but our “nice day sun” is back for one more day as we couldn’t ask for a better way to finish another workweek. Skies are mostly clear with plenty of deep blue, due to the lack of our normal haze. Temperatures step up just a tick, and with low humidity stay plenty comfortable, in the mid-80s (maybe a couple upper 80s). Winds are light throughout the day, eventually turning from the to the south or southeast. Confidence: High

Tonight: Temperatures dip as the sun sets and we’re looking at another comfy and clear overnight. Aside from a few passing high clouds, the moon brightens the mood of the evening. Overnight lows have quite the range from downtown to our suburbs, from the upper 60s down to near 60 in the coolest spots. Confidence: High

Keep reading to see when we finally run out of beautiful days...

Tomorrow (Saturday): We try and squeeze this mid-summer respite from the heat as much as we can and it looks like we’ll be able to hold on through tomorrow. Temperatures continue to head back upwards but humidity levels remain low, creating near ideal conditions for a weekend outdoors. It’s too bad the Nats are out of town! Highs reach into the mid-80s to around 90. Confidence: High

Tomorrow night: We’ll finally start to realize that it’s still summertime in the Mid-Atlantic tomorrow night as our dew points begin to creep back up and southerly winds finally begin to send more moisture in. We won’t have any sort of a stiflingly warm overnight, though we do begin to notice the humidity creep up. Lows respond in kind, settling in the mid-60s to nearer 70 downtown. Confidence: Medium-High

Sunday finds us grasping at straws for just one more day before the oppressive heat and humidity return. But, we begin to notice that heat and moisture just a bit more and realize that the dream will soon be over. Still, not a bad day to enjoy out on the water, or in a boat, or at the pool... if you can. Highs should be near that 90 mark most spots. At least it’s also mostly sunny! Confidence:Medium-High


Heading toward Sunday night we have the slightest (20%) chance of some showers/storms moving in from the west during the early or mid-evening, though they should find it hard to make much headway toward us. Otherwise, expect partly cloudy skies through the night, with lows remaining near or above 70 most spots. Confidence: Medium-High

As we head back to work Monday and Tuesday, the gig is up for us. Our heat wave builds in to remind us all we’re still in the middle of July. Under a scorching sun, temperatures rise at least toward the mid-90s if not higher, though that joy may wait ‘til later in the week. All the better? It comes with oppressive humidity. Both days also feature a shot at afternoon storms (30%) as a weak front sits just to our north. Confidence: Medium-High