Today: Very sunny. Isolated p.m. storm? 82-88. | Tonight: Mainly clear. Upper 50s to mid-60s. | Tomorrow: Only a few clouds. 87-92. | Sunday: Mostly sunny. Isolated p.m. storm? Around 90 to low 90s. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


Today (Friday): It should stay mostly sunny with only about a 10% chance of an afternoon (quick moving, short lived) thundershower. High pressure tries to assert more control over the area and it warms us into the mid-80s. A few upper 80s are possible south of town, assuming late afternoon thundershowers stay away. Refreshing west-northwesterly winds at 10-15 mph (20 mph gust or two possible) might not be too noticeable because of the warmth and un-muggy feeling to the air. Confidence: High

Tonight: A few stray rumbles and very brief showers are possible (15% chance) even after rush hour, but overall your telescopes should see many stars, unobstructed. You can, if possible, get out on the patio for dinner and enjoy pleasant temperatures in the 70s. By just before sunrise, low temperatures in the upper 50s are likely outside the Beltway, ranging to mid-60s downtown. Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): This one brings full-on June sunshine and temperatures in the upper 80s for almost the entire region, with south-of-town hotspots targeting 90 degree readings -- if not a bit hotter. While dewpoints should remain below the “humid” 60 degree threshold, you probably won’t exactly feel completely comfortable either. Sweat, for instance, won’t evaporate as quickly as even a day ago. If you are in the 10% of folks who see a cooling thundershower, consider yourself lucky? Confidence: High

Tomorrow night: Expect some clouds in the evening, perhaps partial debris from any isolated showers or a storm, may help keep us in the 80s even after dinnertime. Eventually, skies clear a bit more and allow temperatures to get to around 70 downtown, with 60s further away from downtown. Confidence: Medium-High

Sunday: It’s looking hot and more muggy with summer flexing its muscle. We should see mainly sunny skies, fairly still air, and high temperatures around 90 degrees and into the lower 90s. Right now, there is only a small chance we swing up into the mid-90s, but check back with us just to make sure, during the weekend. A few brief, cooling storms could be somewhat strong later in the afternoon (20-30% chance), so keep that in mind. Confidence: Medium


Sunday night: We stay warm with only a few lucky folks making it down into the upper 60s, while downtown simmers in the lower 70s by dawn. Oof! Hope you have A/C. Confidence: Low-Medium

Monday may still be in the warm 80s, but depending on whether we can score an easterly wind, those could be low-to-mid 80s. Yet, without this wind direction giving us cooler air, we may still hit the upper 80s or even lower 90s. For now, I’m leaning toward the warmer scenario. Skies should stay mostly sunny, in either scenario. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tuesday should see a more noticeable easing of strong high pressure regime as showers and thunderstorms (25-35% chance) begin a more organized encroachment into our area. Skies for much of the day could have moderate cloud cover, so UV levels could be a bit lower than recent very high -- typical June -- levels. High temperatures in the 80s look likely, with more sunshine giving us mid-or-upper 80s, but that isn’t a sure bet just yet. Confidence: Low