Today: Partly cloudy, slight p.m. storm risk. Mid-to-upper 80s. | Tonight: Clearing. Low 50s to near 60. | Tomorrow: Sunny and pleasant. Mid-70s. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


Today (Wednesday): If clouds hang around through sunrise, they should start breaking pretty quick in the morning, leaving us partly sunny for a good chunk of the day. Winds from the west and northwest also begin funneling in drier air, so by late day you might notice the decrease in humidity. There’s an active jet stream not too far away, so we’ll have to watch for a storm before the front passes, but any that pop should be isolated, and they’re more likely not to even occur. Highs shouldn’t have much trouble reaching at least the mid-80s. Confidence: Medium

What is the Storm Threat Level?

Tonight: Other than a slight risk of a waning shower or storm early, it's partly to mostly clear and pretty calm after sunset. The drier air entering the area helps send temperatures down a notch compared to recent nights, with lows ranging from the low 50s to near 60. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Thursday): The only thing that might get in the way of a perfect 10 on this one is that it’s a weekday? Otherwise, it's looking pretty amazing if you’re a fan of sunshine and really pleasant conditions. Dew points are down, so humidity is not a concern. Add in a light breeze and temperatures in the mid-70s. If only I could skip work... Confidence: High

Tomorrow night: Mostly clear skies and our modified air mass make for a somewhat cool one. Lows may dip into the 40s in the suburbs while ending up closer to the mid-50s downtown. Confidence: High


Friday and Saturday sure look a lot like last week in their overall brilliance, though perhaps it’s a smidge warmer this go around. Both days feature wall-to-wall sunshine (maybe a few lonely clouds at times) along with low humidity and temperatures in the upper 70s or near 80. Confidence: Medium-High

Sunday likely brings more of the same in general, though we may see some increase in clouds, so we’re talking partly cloudy versus completely or mostly sunny of the days prior. Temperatures remain rather mild, with highs rising to near 80 across the area. Confidence: Medium