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Beats the heck out of yesterday but could someone tone down the wind a bit.
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Today: Sunny, breezy. 64-68. | Tonight: Cloudless. 35-41. | Tomorrow: Sunny start, cloudy finish. 53-59. | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


If this is March coming in like a lion, it must be a cowardly one. It only manages a few roars from gusts of wind. Otherwise, lamblike warmth is in control. Our next bout of showers comes in meekly on Friday night but there could be a good rain burst on Saturday morning before a cold front surges through and brings us back to a dry and more seasonable Sunday. We need a little cooling or our cherry blossoms are going to peak by mid-month!

””Snow Potential Index: 1 (→) - Yes there is a model that has stubbornly been trying to bring us a smidgen of snow on Sunday night. But given how this winter has gone, I wouldn’t count on it.
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Today (Thursday): There could still be a few clouds on the eastern horizon to start the morning but once the sun is up, it is in firm control. Temperatures surge upward and only the gusty winds out of the west keep it from being perfect. Look for a few gusts in the 20-30 mph range. Highs reach the mid-to-upper 60s. Confidence: High

Tonight: The stars are out in full force, while Venus and Jupiter are vying for attention in the western sky after dusk. Winds are lighter from the north at 5-10 mph. Evening readings hold in the 50s. Lows only fall to the upper 30s to lower 40s. Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Friday): Sunny skies hang in there for at least the morning, but the next storm can’t be held off for long and clouds increase in the afternoon. A strengthening breeze from the south does its best to warm us up but with the loss of afternoon sun mid-to-upper 50s are probably as much as we can hope for. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: Clouds thicken quickly and a few stray showers are possible (60% probability) just about anytime, so umbrellas are required. The good news is that evening readings stay in the 50s and barely slip into the upper 40s for lows. Confidence: Medium


Saturday morning is likely (80% chance) to be a showery one. The bigger question is just how showery. There are models supporting a pretty good burst of rain ahead of the approaching cold front and you can count me in that camp. By afternoon, the winds shift from the south to blasting out of the west and some clearing is quite possible. If this all kicks in close to noon as expected, temperatures should zip up to the mid-to-upper 60s. The real cold air still struggles to do worse than 50s in the evening. It is persistent though and by daybreak lows are in the upper 30s to lower 40s. Confidence: Medium

Sunday is definitely cooler but still readings should be seasonable with highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s. One problem with getting any warmer is that clouds are likely to be more frequent than peeks of sun. For those who want to live the fantasy there is a 20% chance for some light rain or snow showers, mainly in the evening. Accumulations are only slightly more likely than somebody winning the lottery and getting struck by lightning. Lows bottom out in the low-to-mid 30s. Confidence: Low-Medium

Monday should be a fairly even mix of sun and clouds. Highs are likely to reach the upper 40s to lower 50s. Confidence: Medium