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7:25 a.m.: Showers linger another 2-3 hours, longest north and east of town. Winds have decreased to around 20-25 mph sustained across the area (much improved from 30-40 mph overnight). But they’re still gusty and still capable of downing trees in that saturated soil.

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As Irene moves away, our weather has nowhere to go but up. It gets gradually better today but the true gem waits for tomorrow.
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Today: Showers end by mid-to-late morning. Breezy w/ clearing skies. Low-to-mid-80s. | Tonight: Winds become light. Upper 50s to mid-60s. | Tomorrow: Mostly sunny, near perfect. Near 80. | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


As we wind down from Irene’s fury, the forecast is looking brighter. The final rainbands exit this morning and gusty winds trail off this afternoon as drier air works in. And it only gets better from there: Lots of sun, little humidity and highs in the low-to-mid 80s through midweek will provide plenty reason to get out and enjoy!

Today (Sunday): Irene is on its way out but we’ll still feel her presence through much of the day. The rain showers should end by mid-to-late morning. But persistent winds from the northwest, on the order of 20-30 mph with gusts to near 45 mph, linger into the afternoon. Highs head for the low-to-mid 80s with clearing skies and drier air filtering in on flow from the northwest. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Irene is long gone and so is its tropical humidity, as dew points dip down into the comfortable 50s. It’s really a pleasant night all around as winds become light and lows drop to the low-to-mid 60s downtown, upper 50s in some of the cooler suburbs, under partly to mostly clear skies. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Monday): Absolutely beautiful! That’s about all you need to know but I suppose I’ll include the details: Lots of sun, very dry air, and highs only around 80 are our reward for a bummer of a weekend. A complete 180 from the last couple of days! Confidence: High

Tomorrow night: Hints of fall seem to be in the air as we’re looking at an almost crisp overnight. With the dry air, temperatures quickly fall after sundown and lows may dip to the low-to-mid 50s under starry skies. I wouldn’t be shocked if someone hits 49 or so in the suburbs either. I’ve been waiting for this weather for a while! Confidence: High


Moving into Tuesday and Wednesday, we get to enjoy even more fine weather. Highs edge upward a few degrees, into the mid-80s, and we continue to get plenty of sunshine. The overnights are just as nice too - mostly clear with lows in the low-to-mid 60s. Confidence: Medium-High