Flash Flood Watch through 8 p.m. this evening
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8:30 a.m. update: Our “friend,” the persistent band of rain over the area, continues to make itself at home. Fortunately, thus far this morning the heaviest rain it is producing is about 0.5” per hour. However, even rates near or above this level can help keep urban flood risks going on such oversaturated ground. Given all the rain recently, it does not take much.

Today’s Daily Digit
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day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

Like you, I’m sick of the rain. +2 points for not being a cold rain. -8 for flood weariness.
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Today: Showers and t’showers likely, some heavy. 77-83. | Tonight: Mostly cloudy, occasional showers. 63-69. | Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy, scattered showers and t’showers. 79-85. | Sunday: Partly cloudy, showers still possible. 78-83. | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


Slowly, ever so gradually, these tropical rains are going to end. After another showery day today, we have a less-wet weekend ahead. We can look toward next week when, by Monday or Tuesday, we actually may have a sunny precipitation-free day. For the time-being, please stay on-guard for flash flooding and river flooding in our area. Our last commutes of the workweek could be challenging, but at least next week’s commuting looks to be much less so!

Today (Friday): Very cloudy and probably quite wet again, with an outside chance of a peek of sunshine. Temperatures may make it as high as the low 80s, but I am a bit skeptical with all the clouds and moisture. I believe that at least half of the area is likely to get wet today, at least once—maybe west of town sees the greatest concentration of rain. Hard to call exact location of any tropical rain plume that might develop, though. With any luck we won’t see a repeat of yesterday and Wednesday, but rainfall could still potentially be very heavy in spots. Please stay vigilant and drive safely. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tonight: Clouds and about a 30-40% chance of continued showers—are you surprised? Keep that umbrella on you. I have to tell myself that, despite the rain, at least temperatures are comfortable and this isn’t cold rain. Remember those winter rains usually occurring once per winter from a nor’easter? Not characteristic of this round of rain, at least. Lows stay mild in the mid-to-upper 60s. Confidence: Medium

Keep reading for the forecast through the beginning of next week...

Tomorrow (Saturday): We actually might have a few more (compared to today) peeks of sunshine but clouds still have a really good chance of ruling much of the sky. Showers and storm chances increase as the day wears on, from 25% chance in the morning to nearly 50% chance by the evening. Geographic coverage of the precip shouldn’t be too widespread, at least. And intensity should continue to wane compared to recent. High temperatures may stay muted around 80 with more clouds, or hit the mid-80s with surprise sunshine. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: The evening showers and storms may hang around (30% chance) for a bit; otherwise, skies remain mostly cloudy. Ultimately, by just prior to sunrise, low temperatures should hit the mid-to-upper 60s in most locations. Thank(?) the clouds for keeping us so mild. Confidence: Medium

Sunday: Partly cloudy for a time? While flooding rains don’t appear likely, we still have high rain chances, around 30-40%. Especially during the afternoon. These showers and thundershowers represent the last piece of tropical moisture that tropical storm Lee inundated us with—we are alllllmost done. While it probably will be a bit muggy with this last bit of tropical air hanging on, at least highs won’t be too warm, in upper 70s to lower 80s. Confidence: Medium


Sunday night: Considerably cloudy, a touch on the muggy side, and perhaps still a bit damp. I foresee a 10-20% chance of yet another few showers bugging us. Low temperatures may stay quite mild--if clouds stay solid over us all night—in the 60s. Confidence: Low-Medium

The workweek begins on Monda y and the weather clears up, for the most part. Mother Nature likes doing this to us when many of us are stuck indoors. Skies should have a mix of clouds and sun, with warm temperatures in the lower 80s. Perhaps mid-80s if we end up sunnier than I currently expect. This especially applies to spots south of town. An isolated, brief bout (10-20% chance) of precipitation can’t be ruled out completely. Our current pattern lends itself to being moist after all! Confidence: Low-Medium

Tuesday might be our first truly sunny day in, uh, quite some time. Put down your Vitamin D-3 and go soak up some rays. You won’t hear me say this often! But, of course my sunscreen warning comes along with this, if you are planning to be outdoors for the 12 p.m. through 2 p.m. time-share the sun will be strongest and most capable of burning you! Temperatures could possibly get higher than Monday, due to more sunshine, in the 82-87 range. Humidity could stay in check as well! Confidence: Low-Medium