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Plenty of sun, but more wind and chillier temperatures than I’d like.
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Today: Partly to mostly sunny, breezy. 42-47. | Tonight: Mostly clear, chilly. Near 20 to near 30. | Tomorrow: Mostly sunny. Low-to-mid 40s. | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


On this day in 1978, D.C. recorded its third latest official -- parts of the city get one before National Airport -- freeze of the cold season on record. And finally, thanks to the chilliest air mass of the season so far, we appear primed to head there tonight. But first, we’ve got a good deal of sun and also a moderate breeze to deal with today. Temperatures are downright chilly as well, even when considering our average high is now in the 40s.

””Snow Potential Index: 0 (↓) - Just can’t find snow in the next week. Another cold shot by next weekend might mean it’s a short stay at zero.
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Today (Saturday): A cold front moving offshore ushers in the chilliest air of the season so far, but it also helps boot a little storm offshore away from the area. Still, the combo of both of those features may allow for some cloudiness here and there, perhaps mainly high clouds, and particularly early in the day. Expect plenty of sun though! Those chilly daytime temperatures, only reaching up around the mid-40s in the warm spots will feel even colder thanks to midday breezes around 10-15 mph with higher gusts. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Skies are mainly clear and winds die off considerably after sunset. With a fresh cold air mass over the area, that means temperatures should dive and this has a good shot at being the coldest night of the still-young cold season. I expect some outlying suburbs to fall close to 20 degrees with even toasty National Airport at least nearing 30 if not dipping into the upper 20s. As long as freezing temperatures hold off ‘til after midnight, this year will be on its own as the new third latest official freeze on record. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Sunday): When you look out the window it might appear really nice thanks to abundant sunshine, but you’ll need to bundle up a little at least, especially early in the morning. The good news is there should be less wind than Saturday. The bad news is many places may struggle to rise out of the low 40s, with lucky folks nearing the mid-40s. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: More clear skies and fairly nonexistent winds equal another cold one. Temperatures are probably rather similar to tonight, but perhaps a touch warmer as the air mass becomes a bit more stale. Look for lows in the lower 20s to near 30. Confidence: Medium-High


Recent times have featured sunny weekends and cloudier weeks, but that seems at least delayed this week if not denied. With a deep low pressure impacting the West Coast, the story around here on Monday should again be sunshine. Temperatures are still a bit cool for some I’m sure, but pretty close to normal with highs in the mid-40s to near 50. Monday night is chilly as well, with lows in the mid-20s to near freezing. Confidence: Medium-High

The same general story is in play for Tuesday, though a little wave of low pressure passing well to our northwest may send a few clouds floating by during the day. Let’s call it partly to mostly sunny for now. Temperatures continue a slow rise, this time nearing 50 or perhaps just above across much of the area. Confidence: Medium