Rain still appears on the horizon

Today’s Daily Digit
A somewhat subjective rating of the
day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

Saturday. Sunshine. Still splendid. We’ve got quite the streak going. October can be sweet.
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Today: Magnificent sunshine. Mid-70s to near 80. | Tonight: Mostly clear. Upper 40s to lower 50s. | Tomorrow: Mostly sunny. Near 80 to mid-80s. | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


I’m sure for someone out there, we’re edging on “too warm” during the day at this point, but normals aren’t quite “normal” and being a few degrees warmer than typical is pretty common for parts of October. Given I can’t really remember the last weekend filled with sunshine (a glance says July featured the most recent with this much), you’re going to have a really hard time making me complain about this one at all.


Today (Saturday): I always debate the daily digit more than I should, and I considered a 9 for today, but I like going for the record and may consider bribing tomorrow’s forecaster to keep the streak running. There may be a touch of fog somewhere near water or in a valley to start the day. Then, tons of sun, temperatures shooting for the mid-70s to near 80, and no summer-like humidity. Join me in soaking up the rays before winter gets any closer! Confidence: High

Tonight: It’s mostly clear, and a perfect evening for outdoor activities or dinner with temperatures falling through the 70s prior to sunset. Upper 40s to mid-50s should do it for lows. Can’t rule out some spotty fog near water sources as with recent nights. Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Sunday): We see a lot of sunshine again and a bit of a westerly component to the wind should help temperatures boost up even a bit further. 80 or above seems like a good bet most spots, with some places even heading toward the mid-80s. Still nearly non-existent humidity makes it feel pretty nice though. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: Expect mostly clear skies to continue though a period or two of partly cloudy can’t be ruled out. Lows range from near 50 in the coolest spots to near 60 downtown. Confidence: Medium-High


If you liked Sunday, you’ll also be in love with Monday (unless you have to work, like me). At least the walk in and long lunch will be nice. Plan on more plentiful sunshine and temperatures into the low 80s at least. Confidence: Medium-High

We may end up with some morning sunshine on Tuesday and I would not be shocked if it lasted, but rain’s going to want to trend north into the area as the day goes. Best odds remain south of D.C. much of the day, but by afternoon or evening much of the area could be in on the action. And, it’s just the beginning perhaps. Temperatures drop back off thanks in large to the clouds and potential rain. Mid-70s sounds good from here. Confidence: Medium