Four-day rainfall in Houston (National Weather Service)

Heavy rain is drenching the water-plagued area now, and a flash flood warning is in effect through 2:45 p.m. local time.

Writes the SciGuy Eric Berger of the Houston Chronicle:

There has already been substantial street flooding in downtown, where three inches of rain have fallen during the last three hours.

It’s strange to be talking about flooding in Houston after last summer’s historic drought there. Since Tuesday, much of the area has picked up more rain than it did all of last summer..

The Chronicle’s Berger pronounced Houston’s drought over on Wednesday.

Indeed, last year at this time the U.S. Drought Monitor classified the drought conditions in Houston “exceptional”. The latest update shows no drought in the immediate area, although drought conditions creep into the picture to the west and north.

Famine or feast, pick your poision.

The periodic episodes of pounding rain are due to persistent low pressure at upper levels and moist flow off the Gulf of Mexico. This soggy pattern is expected to continue through the weekend.