Reston sinkhole. By author.

From a distance, the sinkhole looks to be the size of a pothole. Some portions of the road near the sinkhole have already been patched. Why was the rest of the road not patched?

As of yesterday, much of the police tape has come down and the sinkhole site appears abandoned. There are no workers, no fixing, no more progress. What can be causing the delay? What is the problem?

I decided to investigate to get to the bottom of Reston’s sinkhole. And the video below provides some penetrating insight.

Video of sinkhole in Reston. By author.

Yikes! The above video makes clear this is a bigger problem than I initially expected. Reston’s underworld is showing. It’s a completely blown out storm sewer pipe that has eroded much of the ground under Sunrise Valley Drive. It also appears to have created a tunnel heading under the sidewalk toward the office buildings. This will most likely require a major effort to fix, not just a pothole patch.

OK, the delays are now understandable.

By the way, did you notice at 23 seconds into the video the critter that flopped down from the upper left portion of the video frame? What was that?

Let us know what you think of the road closure or if you know of any other sinkholes in our area that need filling.

A large sinkhole along Route 205 in Westmoreland County, Va. last Thursday (northern neck of Va.) This may have been a washout from a nearby creek. Source: Karyl-Lynne Tirk (via Facebook)