Sweat Ceiling 2011

I just did a live online video, discussing the heat and answering questions sent in from readers/viewers. It’s embedded below.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to to all of the questions, so I’ll answer a number of them in writing...

Question/comment: Here in Oregon...It’s cool and cloudy. :)

Answer/response: Please send some this way.

Q: Have tickets that expire Sunday. Was planning on going tomorrow but that seems like a terrible idea. Thoughts?

A: It wouldn’t be my choice of days to go there, but if you hang out on the water rides and hydrate yourself, you may still have fun.

Q: Is it really hotter out there or does media saturation and “medical data” make it seem that way? I’ve lived in the DC area for close to 4 decades and while I remember some very hot days and some heat advisories, I never felt like I was in danger...now I feel like it’s a bad idea to step away from the AC. Heat advisories/warnings on the ‘net, on TV, online, tweeted, podcast, streamed, RSSed, and friended non-stop to the overload point. Good intentions conceded, it is just a bit too much?

A: On the one hand, this is an unusual combination of heat and humidity, even by Washington, D.C. standards - so we need to communicate that early and often. And, if people don’t take precautions, health problems do arise. On the other hand, I can see how one might get saturated by all the coverage. As someone generating a lot of this content, I’m starting to burn out too - no pun intended...

Q: Is there anything, besides watering, one can do to protect plants in this heat?

A: I’m not an expert gardener, so I don’t know. I’ll ask David Streit, who does CWG’s weekly weather gardening column, and will post a response in the comment section below...