Peak heat index forecast by NOAA for Saturday.

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From Wednesday: Tuesday evening, I cautioned that NOAA predicted a peak heat index of 116 on Friday in Washington, D.C. The region hasn’t experienced a reading that high in years. And NOAA’s latest prediction for Saturday’s peak heat index is 115. Ouch. This heat wave certainly merits a name.

Thanks to all of our blog readers, Twitter followers, and Facebook fans, we received a huge number of name suggestions. We were most impressed by your creativity. A team of Capital Weather Gang contributors sifted through them all and we have narrowed them down to a half dozen finalists.

Vote for your favorite below. The top vote-getter as of noon (ET) Thursday will be crowned the winner.

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VanSweltering, VanMeltsing, VanHotsing, Hotuguese, Heatalocity, Titus & Hotronicus, Hotta Potter and Deathly Heat Wave, Hotocaust, Heatocaust, Swelteralysm, Swelteratrophic, Swelterastrophy, Sizzleastrophic Era, Sizzleocene Era, Beltway Broil, Beltway Blaze, Dog Days of DC, Sweatapolasa, Infernormous 2011, Mr. Sweat Goes to Washington, Sweat-sonian, All the President’s Sweat, Sweatgate, Heatgate, Eternalinferno, Hotterdammerung, The Deathly Hotness, Summer of Sizzeleven, Schvitz-O-Mania ‘11, An Inconvenient Sweat, Al Gore was right, The Meltdown, Inferno, Swelter of Oz, Holitical Science, Sweltorauge, Blowtorch, Infernathon, TheBigMelt, Heataclysm, Sweatmas in July, The Summer Roast, Convectsun, Sauna Days, The Frying Pan, Saunathon, DC and the Sweltering Hollows, DCzzler, Hotsicle 2011, The Big Shvitz, Sweltermelter, Heatastrophe, Summer of Swass, The Debt Swell, Hot Mess, Swelter-cation, HeatStroke-A-thon, Sweltaway, SweatFest 2011, Sweat Tea Party, Calorification, Melt-o-rama, Pitstain-Palooza, 2000-HELL-leven, Heat Dome from Hades, Tour de Sweat, Summer Sear-ies, Heat-a-palooza 2011, Heatzilla 2011,Beltway Broiler, The Swell From Hell. Fryodome, The Big Bake, Scorchtastrophe, Caustaclysm, Beltway of Fire, Inferno 2011, Sweat Central 2011, Mugshot, DeathbyHumidity, DCMugnited, WeCantRaiseTheDebtCeilingButWeCanRaiseTheHeatIndex, The Rankness, The Great Pit Stain of 2011, Heatoberfest, Capital Inferno, Sweltershock 2011, Sweatficit, Frizz-Fest, Sweattacular, The American Heatwave of 2011, HeatShock, Heat Streak, Waiting to Inhale, Sweat Limit, Global Alarming, Insaunity, HypersizzleWave 2011, July anniHELLation, BeltMelt, Beltway Buckler 2011, The Budget -Negotiation Hot-Air Special, Scorch-a-palooza, Sol’s Revenge, Freon-fest ‘11, Summer 2011 Heatastrophe, The Sweat Crisis, Humitragedy, “Heat” Impact, Empire of the Sun, The Big Sizzle, Swamp Pants, It’s Too Hot to Think of a Darn Name, Very Hotter, Talcum Powder Won’t Help 2011, Cat-hot-strophe, Perspiration Without Representation, Swampastrophy ‘11, Heats the Hell Outta Me, Sweatacular!, The Federal Meltdown, Heat Bubble: 2011 Inflated Temperature Crisis, Thermocide, Melter Swelter , Holy Hot Pants on Fire, Batman! Sweat Paint, July Super Steamer, Tri-State Crowd Broil, DC Heat: Tourist Takedown, Helter Skelter DC Summer Swelter, The Beltway Meltaway, DC AC Breaker, High AC Bill Maker, Twenty-Eleven and boiled to death, The Temp is Too Damn High, Heatgate: So Hot it’s Scandalous!, Roastarama, Schwitz-a-dilly, Dew Point of Doom, Sun-ami, Heat-gasm 2011! U.S. Hot Mess, The Block is Hot 2011, Summer Swell, Saturday Night’s Alright for Sweating, The Swell From Hell, The East Roast, Gore’s Inferno, The Capitol Heat Doomeday of 2011, Scorchasaurus, Hydra Heat, The Debt Ceiling Schvitz, Sweat-a-thon 2k11, Satan’s Sauna, Scorchergate 2011, High AC Bill Maker, DC AC Breaker

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