Screenshot of close-up video of Henryville tornado from March 2, 2012 (YouTube)

At one point on its rampage, the National Weather Service said the tornado cleared a well-constructed factory building to its foundation slab “with numerous anchoring bolts bent in the direction of the storm.” In Henryville itself, the middle and high school complex experienced “severe damage” with two school buses “ripped off their chassis.”

Some of the recent video posted online of this tornado is simply not to be believed. See below for the most dramatic yet.

This video was shot about one quarter mile from the tornado, offering a close-up look at its ferocity.

Caution: this video contains very strong language (i.e. several expletives)

Via YouTube, posted by TheMavspivey (and shot by Rhett Adams): Video of the EF-4 tornado that blasted through Henryville, Indiana on March 2, 2012. I shot it out the back door of my house that is approximately a quarter of a mile away from the twister itself..

The violence of this twister speaks for itself. What also impressed me was the speed at which the tornado was moving. What did not impress me was judgment of the videographer. No one this close to a tornado should be taking video, but should hunkering down in a solid underground shelter.

See also this remarkable video from CNN of the same tornado: Henryville Indiana dramatic tornado footage


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