Damage to car windshield from hail in Woodward, Oklahoma Monday (National Weather Service)

Here’s an excerpt from the National Weather Service report:

The tornadoes were brief in duration, although one did produce some damage east of Sharon, OK. The more extensive damage occurred with the very large hail that ravaged most of the city of Woodward. The hail shattered numerous automobile and building windows, some of which caused injuries. Two injuries occurred as hail busted through car windows. Another injury occurred to a girl that was closing her storm shelter. She broke her wrist after being struck by tennis ball-size hail.

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Hail photos

(National Weather Service)

(National Weather Service)

Additional hail photos at the Original Weather Blog

Hail and tornado videos

You would *not* want to be on the receiving end of these falling objects from the heavens...

Baseball sized hail pounds the turf in Woodward, OK. Posted to Youtube by kevinshaneweeks.

The video below displays multiple tornadoes from the supercell. One of the spin-ups appears to be rotating clockwise. According to @ustornadoes, just one in a thousand tornadoes spin clockwise or anticyclonically (more info).

Mikey Gribble’s storm chase video posted to Youtube by loadedgunchasing

One more tornado video...

Posted to Youtube by Wicked Wind Media/Tornado Titans chasers Brett Wright and Brandon Sullivan