Purple icons indicate locations of large hail reports ranging from 1-3” in diameter. (National Weather Service)

The Dallas Morning News offered this account:

Leaves torn from trees blanketed roads and lawns, and tarps covered hundreds of cars whose windows were shattered.

Plywood covered skylights and windows of houses, and roofs and skylights across the area suffered major damage.

Here are some more specifics from the Associated Press:

Skylights were smashed at the popular NorthPark Center shopping mall in North Dallas. Aerial video also showed a theater marquee smashed in the Lakewood district northeast of downtown Dallas. Cars in Lakewood and many other areas of Dallas County had their windows smashed.

Reuters spoke to National Weather Service meteorologist Jason Dunn, for his assessment of the storm:

“This was definitely a multimillion-dollar hail storm,” said Dunn said. “A lot of car windshields were blown out and roofs damaged in Dallas.”

Hail video uploaded to YouTube from Dallas

Meteorologist Rob White of the Original Weather Blog added:

After viewing the ground truth reports and radar data, I’m convinced that this storm will rank right up there as one of the most costly in Dallas history.

Link with excellent photo/video gallery: Monster Hailstorm Strikes Dallas, TX on June 13, 2012...

Hail video uploaded to YouTube from Dallas

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