The improv outfit 12AngryMascots produced this entertaining parody of sports talk radio, substituting weather as the subject matter...

(H/T Ian Livingston)

While there are no weather talk radio programs on the local radio dials, there are (and have been) real, legitimate weather talk shows elsewhere and on the internet. Wisconsin Public Radio hosts University of Wisconsin “weather guys” Steve Ackerman and Jon Martin (both professors of meteorology), for a monthly program. Several years ago, broadcast meteorologists Tony Pann and Justin Berk hosted the program “Weather Talk” on WCBM-680 Baltimore.

On the internet, Pann currently teams with weather enthusiast Charlie Wilson for weekly programs at where Wilson also hosts the program “Center of Circulation”. Another popular weather talk radio program broadcast through cyberspace is Weather Brains, hosted by a group of meteorologists residing in Dixie. WeatherBrains, which “unites weather geeks world wide”, brings on a number of top guests from the meteorological profession.