(Afternoon satellite image of East Coast frontal system (left), rainfall forecast (right, first purple shade is 1.5”, bright red shade is 3.5”). Both images courtesy NOAA.)

NOAA’s Visualization Laboratory, which captured the image, wrote: “This satellite image from GOES East taken in the afternoon of March 9, 2011 shows the huge size of the low pressure system, although the rains will be concentrated east of the Appalachian Range.”

To complement NOAA’s satellite image, I pasted in NOAA’s latest rainfall forecast (above right) for this juiced up storm. NOAA projects two to three inches of rain for the metro region.

Honorable mention for image(s) of the day: Radar captures of the squall line that tore through New Orleans posted by Jesse Ferrell at AccuWeather, associated with this same storm.