Screen shot of International Space Station capturing an aurora over the Earth (NASA and Michael König)

The Atlantic’s Alex Madrigal hails it as the “Best HD View of Earth from Space Ever”.

Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait raves: “I’m so overwhelmed by the beauty and coolness of this video I’m not sure which part I like best!”

JOE calls it “The most spectacular five minutes of your day... honestly.”

Video, taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station between August and October, edited by MichaelKönig.

The NY Times’ Andy Revkin says this video “captures in equal measure the wonders of the physical planet — including the dancing auroras of both hemispheres — and the impressive luminosity of humanity in the midst of its fossil-fueled growth spurt.”

CNET describes it as “curiously mesmerizing”.

Highlights (courtesy Tim’s Weather World): 0:19 Chicago and the Great Lakes visible | :46 Green glow of Aurora Borealis |1:22 Great shot of lightning illuminating thunderstorm clouds | 2:50 Reflection of the moon on the water

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