Coinciding with Inauguration weekend, the International Space Station has been flying over Washington, D.C., grabbing stunning imagery in the process - by night and by day. These wonderful views were made possible by perfectly clear skies. Thank you mother nature!

(Chris Hadfield/ )

The above image was posted to Twitter earlier today by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. His description: “Washington D.C. on Saturday night of the Inaugural Weekend. You can even follow the parade route.”

The image below was taken today, Sunday, and featured on NASA’s website.

Washington, D.C. Sunday, January 20, as viewed from International Space Station. See big. (NASA)

Here’s NASA description of what you’re looking at: “This detailed view shows the Potomac River and its bridges at left, with National Mall at the center, stretching eastward from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument toward the Capitol building, where the inaugural ceremony will be held.”

For more information on NASA’s participation in Obama’s second inauguration, see this website: NASA Participation in Inaugural Activities