A video of the storm conditions at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. during the derecho of June 29, 2012. Check out the blowing rain inside the Jefferson’s dome. (Kevin Ambrose)

On the evening of June 29, Ian Livingston and I went on a storm chase to the Washington, D.C. Tidal Basin to photograph an approaching line of storms called a derecho. In my CWG post that followed our storm chase, I described how Ian and I got caught in the storm and that my video camera stopped working after it was soaked by rain.

I promised that I would do a future CWG post if I could salvage the video data.

Well, after almost five weeks, my video camera finally dried out and started working again. I can now access my June 29 storm videos.

I chose two derecho video clips for this post that I thought were particularly interesting.

Read below to see the exploding transformer video and a couple of photos taken during the storm.

The video above shows the storm conditions at the Jefferson Memorial when Ian and I took cover. Those were the same weather conditions that slammed us when were were on the bank of the Tidal Basin.

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The second video shows the derecho approaching Washington and the transformers exploding in the distance. You can hear me and Ian discussing that we should leave. We did not leave soon enough.

A video of the derecho approaching Washington. Note the transformer explosions on the ground in Virginia illuminate the clouds above. (Kevin Ambrose)

A photograph of derecho lightning taken from inside the Jefferson Memorial after the wind subsided. (Kevin Ambrose)