Severe weather reports from June 1. Red big funnel icons are tornado reports. Smaller orange funnel icons are funnel cloud reports. Green icons are flash flood reports. Yellow icons with trees are wind damage reports.

Of the 9 tornadoes, 6 were of the weakest variety - rated a 0 (winds to 65 to 85 mph) on the Enhanced Fujita (EF) scale - which ranges from 0 to 5. Three of the tornadoes were rated EF-1 (with winds estimated at 86 to 110 mph):

* in the Watersville area of Howard county

* in the Pleasant Hills area of Harford county near Fallston and Bel Air, where two injuries were reported

* near Gamber in Carroll county

See below for a dramatic storm chaser video of the Harford county tornado.

WARNING: the original version of this video contained strong language. The photographers edited out most of the strong language but one expletive remains at 2:28 in the video

Video posted to YouTube by TexasStormChasers.

BelAir Patch reported this tornado, which touched down at 5:54 p.m. resulted in $1 million in damage. It published parts of a release from the Harford County Government which gave the following details:

Three structures, a 14’ x 70’ mobile office trailer, a one-story block auto refinishing and detailing business and a vacant one story, wood frame garage were totally destroyed during the storm.

It also noted: “Other homes and businesses received damage to roofs, windows and signs and dozens of vehicles damaged or destroyed by the tornado, according to the release.”

This twister was on the ground for 1.25 miles with a maximum width of 0.25 miles.

The EF-1 tornado, in Howard county (2:52 p.m.), was on the ground for 1.4 miles reaching a maximum width of 200 yards the NWS reported. It uprooted or snapped 30 to 40 large hardoood trees up to two feet in diameter. No injuries or structural damage have yet been reported from this tornado.

The EF-1 tornado in Carroll County (3:21 p.m.) had a path length of 4 miles with a width of 150 yards.

Here are the locations and times of the other 7 (EF-0) tornadoes (shown in the map above):

* Montgomery co. Damascus (2:29 p.m.)

* Carroll co. Mt. Airy (2:48 p.m.)

* Montgomery co. Damascus (3:09 p.m.)

* Prince George’s co. Springdale (5:26 p.m.)

* Anne Arundel co. BWI Airport/Ft. Meade (7:19 p.m.)

* Queen Anne’s co. (east of Chesapeake Bay, 8:30 p.m. - not shown on map above)

These tornadoes mainly produced tree damage though there were a few reports of minor damage to homes/buildings.

So far, no tornadoes have been confirmed in northern Virginia from the June 1 outbreak, but 2 tornadoes were verified in southeast Virginia in Hampton and near Petersburg.

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The NWS has filed 58 wind damage (mostly downed trees) and 28 flash flooding reports from northern Virginia, central Maryland, and the District from the June 1 severe weather outbreak.

Warnings issued by the National Weather Service on June 1. Red are tornado; yellow severe thunderstorm, green flash flood and purple are special marine.