The clouds appeared to be a spoiler for the moonrise on Wednesday, but at the last moment, just before sunset, the sun’s light burst through the overcast and illuminated the monuments in a glow of rose-colored light. Moments later, as the sun’s fading light was moving off of the monuments, the moon appeared, shining through a thin veil of cirrus clouds. The moon slowly rose over Washington as the sky transitioned from the colors of sunset to a solid, twilight blue.

It was not the perfect moonrise for postcard photos, but for a weather-watcher, the interplay of sunlight, clouds, and the rising moon was very cool. I captured a time lapse video and some still photos of the event. I hope you enjoy the scenes of our beautiful and interesting March 7th moonrise. Larger versions of the photos can be viewed here.

Read below to see photographs of the moonrise.

The moon emerges through the clouds at 6 PM on March 7, 2012. The sun’s setting light is casting a red glow on the Washington Monument and Capitol.(Kevin Ambrose)