Fall gardening tips from a horticultural meteorologist...

For once, the past two weeks have been pretty uneventful. Rains have been a little light but nothing bad, save for a few heavy showers this morning. Temperatures have been near normal. Why we even have the good weather coming on the weekends now! This brings me to the week’s discussion: musings while working in the garden last weekend.

(High Plains Regional Climate Center/University of Nebraska Lincoln )

Fall Garden Issues

Each year I edge the flower beds out another 6 inches and fill in with local soil and compost. I figure in about 22 years the lawn will be gone! The one shock I got this year was edging around my maple and willow trees and discovering that their roots were reaching well into the lawn. I was horrified that I had cut the ends of the root system. While this probably will not be the end of the world it will set them back. I have pledged to stop planting in the near vicinity of them after this season.

(Courtesy state of Utah)

(Courtesy New England Folk Network)

There is work to be done though. If you have bulbs coming soon, you know what I mean, I have about 500 coming this season…what was I thinking? Mulching tender plants is in order soon to protect them from the winter cold. I will only be planting cabbages and kale for decorative winter plantings this year. I am giving up on pansies in my deer prone area. If anyone has any other winter planting ideas, I would love to hear them. Until two weeks from now, happy gardening!

Capital Weather Gang meteorologist David Streit is also an active gardener. He earned a certificate in landscape design from the USDA Graduate School and volunteered many years at the National Arboretum.

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