Some folks hate the extreme weather name game, but many have a lot of fun with it. So we’re now officially accepting suggestions for a name for this heat wave, affecting not only the D.C. metro region, but also about half the U.S. population according to NOAA.

A team of CWG members will pick out our favorite five proposed names and put them up for a vote later today. Tomorrow, when it’s forecast to reach 100 here, the heat wave name winner will be crowned.

Suggest any name you want but expletives cannot be part of the name nor may the name end with “ageddon” or “pocalyspe”. The Capital Weather Gang has worn those out.

Yesterday I made this plea on Twitter (@capitalweather):

Why must every extreme weather event now end with pocalypse or geddon? Humigeddon, heatpocalyspe, etc. C’mon weather community...less than a minute ago via HootSuite Favorite Retweet ReplyCapital Weather Gang

Here are some responses from our Twitter followers and Facebook fans:

“You started it” (@FKlopott)

“Humigeddon kinda makes me laugh. But I get where you are coming from.” (@cchops)

“It’s the 2012 effect. Weather is a gr8 proof point 4 the apocalypse. Tornadoes, Tsunamis, The Big U.S. Shvitz...doomsday!” (@weather dream)

“It’s even spreading to other events, like the ridiculous Carmageddon in CA this past weekend!” (@JulesLyskawa)

Heather Cornelius: cuz we’re a melodramatic species??”

Heather Steiner: and in all fairness and credit to CWG, the first time (or 2) was funny... :) But when people still say it, it’s saying, “Talk to the hand” or “Show me the money” years after it was cool....

“For the same reason every scandal ends in -gate.” (@imau2fan)

Now let those creative juices flow, and comment below with your best suggestions...

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Thursday at 1 p.m.: Live video discussion about heat wave (send your questions now)