Satellite image shows huge storm over Northeast U.S. (NOAA)

(updated Monday afternoon)

A powerful, late season Nor’easter centered over New York City is drawing in abundant Atlantic moisture and, on its back side, unseasonably cold air from Canada. The result is historic quantities of late season snow in interior parts of New York state, west central Pennsylvania and due south through the mountains of western Maryland and West Virginia.

Amazingly, for some of these locations, after an unusually warm and snow-challenged winter, this storm will be the biggest since October 29-30 - a record-setting early season snowstorm.

4” of snow had accumulated at Great North Mountain (elevation 3,000 feet) near Winchester, Va this morning. (Shawn Gardner)

The National Weather Service in State College, Pa. called the snow potentially “destructive” with “the distinct threat for widespread downed trees and power outages.”. At noon, more than 50,000 customers were without power in Pennsylvania although those numbers have declined some this afternoon.

Satellite imagery captures evolution of Nor’easter. By NOAA’s Environmental Visualization Laboratory.

Some of the heaviest snow is expected around the towns of Erie, DuBois, Johnstown, and Somerset, Pa

Winter storm warnings are in effect from east central West Virginia through west central New York into tonight, mainly in high elevations where snow totals may reach up to 10-16.”

Along the Skyline Drive in Virginia, snow has accumulated at Byrd Visitor Center at Big Meadows (elevation 3,500 feet) in Shenandoah National Park. Live webcam. (National Park Service)

Here are some snowfall totals compiled by WeatherBug (through 10:30 a.m.):

Laurel Summit, Pa.: 12.0 inches
Sabinsville, Pa.: 8.0 inches
Newfield, N.Y.: 7.0 inches
Boswell, Pa.: 6.5 inches
Alfred, N.Y.: 6.0 inches
Somerset, Pa.: 5.5 inches
Kingwood, W.Va.: 5.0 inches
Keysers Ridge, Md.: 5.0 inches

Link: Snow totals from National Weather Service

Webcams: Deep Creek Lake | I-68 at Savage Mountain-still (western Maryland), video | Byrd Visitor Center (Shenandoah National Park) | Wintergreen Resort | Wisp resort (western Maryland) | Seven Springs ski resort | Boone, North Carolina (Appalachian State)

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