What a delightful day this turned out to be. Wall-to-wall sunshine assisted temperatures in reaching the low-to-mid 60s with just a light breeze. A weak cold front sneaks through the area tonight, just shifting winds to come from a cooler direction. Tuesday remains sunny, but temperatures drop about 10 degrees.

Through Tonight: Despite the cold frontal passage, it stays mostly clear. That’s good news for any skywatchers heading out to catch a glimpse of the moon, Jupiter and Venus, and several other visible planets. If you’re out, you’ll want to dress warmly, with lows range from near 30 in the colder suburbs to the mid-to-upper 30s downtown. Winds from the southwest at 5-10 mph become northwesterly.

Tuesday: High pressure building into the region produces mostly sunny skies. But with winds from the northwest (at near 10 mph), instead of low 60s for highs, we get low 50s. That’s still right around normal, if not a degree or two warmer.

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Pollen update from the U.S. Army Allergen Lab: Tree pollen is MODERATE at 20.13 grains/cubic meter and mold spores remain LOW at 356.16 spores/cubic meter. The tree pollen is down a bit due to colder weather this past weekend.