This is the type of day you want to bottle up and save for use in the middle of summer or middle of winter. Highs mainly in the mid-70s are a bit cooler than normal, and if you spent some time outside in the shade, you might have felt a quick chill when the breeze kicked up. We’ve got a fall-like night ahead, with another day of highs mostly in the 70s on Tuesday.

Through Tonight: Mostly clear skies lead to fairly rapid temperature drops with the loss of sun. Readings headed through the 60s after sunset eventually head as far as the upper 40s in the coolest suburbs to the mid-or-upper 50s downtown. If you’re headed out, or leaving the windows open, you just might feel that autumn has arrived.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): With light winds, there may be a hint or two of fog near warm bodies of water near sunrise, but otherwise plan on sun and lots of it. Highs again reach the mid-70s to near 80, but winds should be considerably lighter, so no “wind chill” factor!

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Here comes winter? While we savor our autumnal weather, I’m sure some thoughts are already on snow. Well, it’s trying to make the annual comeback. Snow has been sighted in recent days across parts of Alaska like Denali National Park. Some mountaintops in the state were expected to pick up 10” of snow by the end of today. Then again, it always snows in Alaska, right?

Pollen update: Trees are LOW, grasses are MODERATE/HIGH, weeds are MODERATE/HIGH and mold spores are moderate.