A cold front that passed through the area during the day is helping filter drier and, eventually, cooler air into the region. It also helped spawn some big storms just to our south. Fortunately, we don’t have anything like that to worry about here, and the next 24 hours looks rather delightful overall. Enjoy it. More heat lurks as we press through the week.

Through Tonight: Drier air continues to move into the area on northwest winds, and those lower humidity levels help get us a good bit cooler overnight. Plan on low temperatures falling to the low-and-mid 50s in the suburbs, while they stay closer to 60 degrees downtown.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): This could be the nicest weather we see for a while. Mostly sunny skies and low humidity combine to create a late June day we don’t come across too often in these parts. Expect highs to reach near 80 to the low 80s. Soak it up (with that sunscreen on of course!).

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Local fire risk: The dry air behind the front, mixed with increased winds gusting around 20-25 mph, may help fan any fires that happen to start in the area this afternoon or evening. It’s also been rather dry over recent months as well, so available ground fuel is higher than normal. Be cautious out there!

Pollen update: Tree pollen is LOW, grass pollen is LOW/MODERATE, the weed count is LOW and mold spores are MODERATE.