You probably know the story out there. It’s hot. It’s humid. And it’s going to get hotter. Today’s highs have mainly reached the mid-90s across the area. With dew points in the upper 60s to around 70, you can add on another 5-10 degrees of heat index. A few cooling showers and storms are now also dotting part of the region, and that should continue through about sunset. While most of these storms won’t be too intense, there’s a chance for some isolated strong winds given all the juice around.

Through Tonight: Isolated to scattered showers and t’storms persist until about sunset, or perhaps a bit longer. Many spots should stay dry, though those who get rain could get a lot over a short period. We’ll also watch for the potential of isolated damaging winds. Any showers and storms wind down overnight and we’re left partly cloudy, warm and muggy. Lows should settle into the low 70s in the cooler suburbs to the upper 70s or near 80 downtown.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): It starts off toasty and becomes blazing as the day wears on. A few clouds in the sky don’t do too much to keep us cool as temperatures soar toward highs in the upper 90s to around 100. With dew points still up there, I’d expect at least a heat advisory at some point. Any shower or t’storm activity looks to be quite isolated, at least more so than recent days.

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Tornadoes in Poland: A number of twisters touched down over the weekend in Poland, and as usual these days, they were caught on video. At least one person was killed, with over 100 homes damaged or destroyed. At least one of the tornadoes is believed to have been strong (the equivalent of EF-2 or higher in the U.S.). Check out videos and more details!

Pollen update: Susan Kosisky of the US Army Centralized Allergen Extract Lab writes, “Our tree count is in the MODERATE range at 19.49 grains/cubic meter, owing to a spike in cedar/cypress/juniper pollen. July numbers for cypress family pollen are generally not in this range. Grass pollen is LOW (NAB range) at 3.51 grains/cubic meter, which is more MODERATE for our local area grass counts. Weed pollen is LOW at 1.6 grains/cubic meter. Mold spores are MODERATE at 12627.25 spores/cubic meter of air.”