* Freeze warning for the entire area tonight*

It was a pretty nice day out there. As long as you don’t mind a stiff breeze, plentiful sunshine and temperatures rising to near 60 earlier felt quite pleasant. Even the upper 50s this afternoon are not too bad. Some might think it’s a little chilly, but considering the average daytime high has yet to hit 60 degrees, there should be few complaints. We’ve got a cold one ahead tonight with a risk for a freeze everywhere. If you have not done so yet, you should prepare those early-sprouting plants to minimize potential damage.

Through Tonight: It’s going to be a cold one, particularly considering how mild it’s been lately. A freeze warning is in effect for the entire area. Temperatures should be in the 30s by late evening in the suburbs to the 40s downtown, with lows reaching the mid-and-upper 20s in the cold spots to the low-or-mid 30s downtown. Winds may be a saving grace when it comes to cold potential, and many who see a freeze should not see more than several hours below freezing. Still, this air mass can be damaging to plants and precautions should be taken.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): Washington has only seen three days with below normal temperatures this month, and Tuesday looks like the fourth. There’s lots of sun on tap and winds from the northwest should be lighter than today, or around 5-10 mph. Temperatures are cool though, with highs reaching the mid-and-upper 50s most spots.

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Rockets are a “go”: We’ve been waiting for the launch of five suborbital sounding rockets for some time now, and NASA’s Wallops facility indicates that the plan is to try tonight. They’re currently scheduled to go up between 2 and 5 a.m. unless winds are too strong. Read more about the rockets from a previous post.

Pollen update: Susan Kosisky of the US Army Centralized Allergen Extract Lab writes, “Tree pollen remains HIGH at 1229.07 gr/cubic meter, grass pollen is LOW at 0.64 gr/cubic meter, plantain pollen is LOW at 0.32 gr/cubic meter and mold spores are MODERATE at 8048.34 spores/cubic meter.”