Soggy back-to-work Mondays are always tough to take, but especially after such a spectacular weekend. We do need the rain though, and at least it waited for a weekday, although totals so far have varied from a paltry 0.04” at National to a respectable 0.25” at Dulles. We should see a little more sun in the coming days than today, not to mention warmer temperatures than today’s highs in the low 70s. But shower chances will persist, if not a thunderstorm or two.

Through Tonight: Skies have brightened a touch this afternoon and the mist that had lingered north and west of town has broken up as well. Still, scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm could re-develop (40-50% chance) during or after the commute. Rain chances diminish overnight, leaving behind mist and fog. The damp air and cloudy skies don’t allow for much in the way of cooling as lows settle in the low-to-mid 60s.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): Can’t rule out morning mist or a shower along with some fog. But the best chance of showers (50-60%) and maybe a thunderstorm comes during the afternoon into evening. Marine flow from the east relents and we may even pick up some breezes from the south, which should help to brighten skies a bit over today - we’ll call it partly to mostly cloudy - and lift highs to the mid-70s to near 80.

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T.S. Alberto and T.D. TWO-E: While the Atlantic hurricane season started early with the formation of Tropical Storm Alberto over the weekend, it has also started harmlessly (other than some dangerous surf along the Southeast coast) as Alberto is predicted to remain well off the East Coast as it heads northeast over the Atlantic the next couple of days. The same may not hold true for the Pacific, where Tropical Depression TWO-E could soon become Tropical Storm Bud and might hit southwestern Mexico as a hurricane late in the week.