The winds were gusty at times, but that was probably the only complaint voiced on an otherwise flawless Friday. Saturday may well reach perfection with sunshine, light winds, dry air, and warm temperatures. A little moisture creeps back into the region Mother’s Day, but any afternoon or evening showers should be few and far between.

Through Tonight: Pleasantly crisp. A jacket may well be needed especially if you’re staying out late. Temperatures steadily dip through the 60s this evening into the 50s between 8 and 10 p.m. Low temperatures dip into upper 40s downtown and as cold as 38-42 in the colder suburbs.

Saturday: Just wow. Mostly sunny skies, with temperature taking a steep climb up from the 40s early in the morning to 75-80 in afternoon. Unlike today, no 25-30 mph wind gusts, but a light breeze from west around 5-10 mph. The low humidity is nice too. Saturday night is pleasantly mild, with lows from 50-57 (suburbs-city).

Mother’s Day (Sunday): Winds blow in from the southwest, raising temperatures and humidity levels a bit. There’s more in the way of cloud cover (call it partly sunny), but that doesn’t stop high temperatures from reaching the low 80s. I have to throw in the outside risk of a shower or thundershower (15-30% chance), but the best (still low) odds are towards the mountains.

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Pollen: Trees are MODERATE, grasses are HIGH, mold is MODERATE, and weeds are LOW.