Even though we’ve had our fair share of cooler than normal days in the last few weeks, today felt a bit chilled after yesterday’s tropical humidity. All in all, a beautiful one around here, but those temperatures only topping out in the upper 60s and low 70s are more typical of the second week of October. An autumnal night is ahead, with slightly warmer temps showing up tomorrow.

Through Tonight: It’ll be a pretty evening out there, but you might want to toss on a light jacket, or long-sleeved shirt at least. Mostly clear skies and weakening winds promote plenty of cooling, and lows range from the mid-40s in the coldest suburbs to maybe as mild as the mid-50s downtown. Chilly?! No widespread fog is likely, but be prepared for the possibility of a patch or two, near bodies of water in particular.

Tomorrow (Thursday): If you thought today was nice, but a little too cool, you’ll probably love tomorrow. Temperatures should head for the mid-70s, and also some upper 70s in spots. Oh, it’ll be mostly sunny as well! Winds are light, shifting to the southeast.

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Stormy Alaska : Another storm is impacting Alaska today, with widespread damaging winds, including reports of 80+ mph gusts near Anchorage. This is the third such event this month for the state. Flooding issues are growing across parts of central Alaska, with some places already receiving more than a foot of rain in the last week.

Pollen update: Today’s pollen count was washed out due to rain.