It wasn’t too bad a start to the work week today, perhaps a bit chilly still. Highs that ranged from the low-to-mid 40s most spots are already about to head back downward as the sun begins to set. It won’t be quite as cold as recent nights tonight, but pretty much everyone should expect another freeze -- even National, which is now “piling” them up!

Through Tonight: Remnant high clouds should wane as the evening progresses into night, and that means we won’t have much blocking any daytime warmth from escaping into the atmosphere once again. Lows should fall as far as the low 20s in the colder spots to nearer 30 downtown. Winds shift to the north or northwest, but remain pretty light, around 5 mph or so.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): High pressure is still in control, so we should see a good deal of sun, and also at least slightly warmer temperatures. Highs mainly range from near 50 to the lower 50s, though there could be a mid-50 somewhere too. Winds are from the north and northwest around 5-10 mph.

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Storm chasing plane: The Next Generation Storm-Penetrating Aircraft is being prepared for future storm chases in the air. So what is it? An A-10 Thunderbolt (aka Warthog), reassembled for atmospheric research by the Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely Piloted Aircraft Studies (CIRPAS) of the Navy Post Graduate School. Previously, a T-28 has been used for similar research -- primarily hail and non-tornadic storm features -- but it’s quite aged at this point. The A-10 promises to bring much improved capabilities to the research at hand. Read more at the American Meteorological Society blog.