This December, a day filled with lots of clouds isn’t too noteworthy as it seems to be the norm. Still, as we sit in the darkest time of year, those clouds aren’t doing us any favors. Folks to the southwest of D.C. have been a bit luckier with clearer skies. Either way, sky cover didn’t do much to keep us from having another warm one for this time of year, though gusty breezes might have tricked you into thinking highs clustered near the mid-50s were cooler.

Through Tonight: Variably cloudy skies are expected, with periods of clear and periods of cloudy. Lows make the 30s most spots, with a range from near freezing to around 40 likely. Winds subside to around 5 mph from the north. Not too bad.

Tomorrow (Thursday): We should see at least a little sun during the first half of the day. Clouds increase and thicken as we go though as highs make the upper 40s to near 50. Much, maybe all, of the daylight hours end up dry, with showers tending to push in from the west in the hours around sunset. The shower risk then continues through early morning Friday before a cold front pushes off to the east leaving gusty winds in its wake.

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White Christmas odds: Not much has changed since yesterday’s update. If you’re looking for a White Christmas, that’s not so good of news. We’ll stick with a 5 percent chance for now, which is below long-term climatology.

Last night’s run of the European model showed a small wave of precip rolling through the area early on Christmas Day, with temperatures possibly supportive of a few flakes. That run showed no accumulation though. It also has no real support at current, and the more recent run did not continue that chance. The post-Christmas (26th-27th) storm is still worth watching, but most indications are that it will be a rain event around here as a low tracks to the west. There’s still some potential for mixed precipitation at the start, but it’s a bit too far off to say if that potential will be realized.