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If you’re looking for an average end of August day, this one’s about as close as they come. And the good news is that average is becoming pretty pleasant as we creep toward fall! That low humidity, which kept highs in the mid-80s feeling no warmer than the actual temperature, helps lead to a brilliant evening and an open-the-windows kind of night.

Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

Through Tonight: Skies are mostly clear, and a stellar evening turns into a peaceful overnight. Lows make it down to near 60 in the suburbs and into the upper 60s downtown. With light winds and temperatures nearing the dew point, there might be a spot or two of fog by morning.

Tomorrow (Thursday): Like that sun? You can have some more! Any morning fog burns off to mostly sunny skies, which promote highs reaching the mid-and-upper 80s. A return of a south wind probably increases humidity, but not to a level that’s hard to deal with.

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Pollen update: The weed count is high, as ragweed continues to climb. Grass pollen is low, tree pollen is low/moderate, and mold spores are moderate.